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Get Things Done

Get Things Done

In every workplace, the most valued people are those who have the ability to GTD- Get Things Done. These folks are always their supervisor’s delight because of this innate ability to get work done, no matter the challenges or constraints.

There are two types of people at the workplace. Those who follow instructions and those who are independent and are prepared to take the initiative. People who GTD always belong to the second category.

Why? You might ask. 

The reason is rooted in the idea of accountability. Instruction takers can never be accountable because they depend on someone else to detail all the elements of what needs to be done in any task. They are afraid of being responsible for the possibility of something going wrong- What if this doesn’t work out? When they get the supervisor to give the instructions, they absolve themselves from the risks associated with something going wrong. It is easy to say- I did what my boss told me to do !!!

We don’t get things done by being order takers. We get things done by being passionate about the work we do, taking the initiative, following our instincts, and taking responsibility for the outcomes of our decisions. This is what distinguishes the order takers from the folks who Get Things Done. This ability is also what distinguishes winners from also-rans.

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