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What’s Your Brand Identity?

Brand Identity

He/She is a problem-Solver.
He/She is whimsical.
He/She is a workaholic.
He/She is a people person.
He/She is a dud.
He/She is a micro-manager
He/She is a leader…..and so on.

We often find ourselves classifying or categorizing people around us using different adjectives. We relate to people based on their day-to-day actions, and we then tag labels and attributes that best represent their actions. Over time, these labels take root in the lore of the organization and become the identity of the person.

You can be different things to different people, but somewhere down the line, you become identified by what resonates most about you for most people, based on your day-to-day actions. Your actions lead you to acquire a brand identity that could be positive, neutral, or negative.

So here is some food for thought. Have you ever wondered what your brand identity is in the eyes of your colleagues, superiors, partners, and clients? And is it what you want it to be?

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