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A Decision Making Heuristic

decision making heuristic

A few weeks back, my younger son reminded me eloquently – ” dad, the advice you give others is what you need to take for yourself, if you are willing to listen.”

I was stunned when he said this. The situation was that I was agitated about some issue, unsure of what the right decision was to take, and the stress of deciding was showing up in my body language. As a result, I was grumpy and moody. Ironically, my son noticed this and reminded me to take the medicine I usually prescribe.

How true his comment was !!

I was struggling with an issue many of us encounter often. Most of us as individuals are pretty terrible at solving our own problems. We get sucked into the emotions going with the issues and challenges, knowing fully well that emotions impair our objectivity.

It is no wonder doctors are not good at treating themselves or their immediate family members if something goes wrong. They would be happier if a different doctor were to do the treatment.

So, what is the best way to deal with issues challenges where we are unsure about what to do?

Ask yourself this question- What would I tell my best friend if he were facing the same problem or challenge?

This question is arguably one of the best decision-making heuristics when you encounter any dilemma- it could be moral, ethical, financial, career, relationship-related.

When you distance yourself from the emotions of the issue by seeing it from the perch of a third person, you will instantly know what to do !!. Like I did that evening when my son reminded me. And I have my son to thank for reminding me to practice what I preach!!

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