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You Need To Believe


To be successful at anything, you first need to believe that what you desire is achievable.

In many organizations, goals are typically set up top-down, and people who have the goals cascaded to them often take them on without believing in the possibility of those deliverables being achieved.

Unfortunately, when you take responsibility for something you don’t believe in, you operate with a lack of purpose and clarity. Every time you encounter a challenge, your mind will process that as a validation of your lack of belief. “I always knew that this was not possible” will be your default position.

On the other hand, when you take up something with the belief and conviction that it is achievable, you start with clarity. You know that you are pursuing something that is in the realm of your capability and potential. So, you stay focussed on taking the right steps, willing to do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles without excuses.

Whatever you are doing today, ask yourself this question- “Do I believe that I can achieve the goals I am pursuing?”

If you find yourself answering in the affirmative, pat yourself on the back- You are starting on the right note !!

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