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Say Please And Thank You

Please And Thank You

If you want to be good at building healthy, trusting relationships with people around you, here is a simple but valuable tip-

Be generous in saying Please and Thank you.

You wake up, and your parent, spouse, or housemaid brings you a hot cup of coffee- Say Thank You.

You want your spouse, your kid, your colleague, or your team member to do some task- Don’t forget to say Please.

An attendant at the Petrol Pump assists you in filling up your tank, or a steward at a restaurant serves you food, be generous and say Thank You.

As individuals, we are all inherently self-centered. Every one of us is always thinking about ” my needs,” “my interests,” “my stress,” “my wellbeing,” etc., and somewhere in this self-centeredness, we lose sight of the other person. Even if we do say please or thank you, we reserve it for those who can do something for us. We set very high benchmarks for giving out our Pleases, and Thank Yous.

It doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t cost us anything to be positive and polite towards others. When you look someone in the eye and say please or thank you with genuineness, it helps create a genuine and instant connection with the other person. The smile of acknowledgment on the face of the person receiving your please or thank you is soul-elevating. Your best relationships are always built on the foundation of small acts of goodness. Saying Please or Thank You is one of the simplest acts of goodness we all can display.

Reflect on the week gone by and do a sense check- how generous were you with your Please and Thank You !!

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