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Weekend Story-Edison’s Mindset


America’s greatest inventor Thomas Edison after a lifetime of successful inventions and wealth creation in his late sixties, was having a peaceful dinner with his family. Suddenly a manager from his factory rushed over to his house saying, “the factory is on fire, the factory is on fire, you have to come with me, sir !!”

Edison rushed to the factory site along with his son and saw that his entire life’s work was up in flames. The winds were blowing, and the fire became bigger by the minute. There was no chance for the fire to be put out.

At this point, Edison grabbed his shell-shocked and distraught son and said to him- “son, go get your mother and all her friends. They will never get to see fireworks like this again!!”

Instead of whining and complaining about fate Edison embraced the situation for what it was and saw humour in the situation.

A reporter at the site, noticing Edison’s strange demeanor, walked up to him and asked,” Sir, your life’s work is getting gutted right in front of your eyes. aren’t you feeling sad and worried? “

“Why should I?” quipped Edison with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes, “stuff like this makes life interesting and exciting… I get to start over doing something new.!!!”

Start over, he did. After just three weeks, with the help of a sizeable loan from his friend Henry Ford, Edison rebuilt the plant and had it up and running again. Thanks to his previous experience in setting up a factory, Edison created a newer, bigger, and better factory within a year. Edison and his team went to generate record revenues the following year. 

Thomas Edison’s Reaction To His Factory Burning Down tells us why he was so successful.

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  • Maybe this story also tells us that we need friends like Henry Ford to get ahead in life 😁

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