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Yes Or No ?

Yes or No

Every YES contains a NO, and every NO contains a YES.

When I say YES to something, I also say NO to something else.

  • I have a proposal to complete and submit tomorrow. If I say YES to a night out with friends, I am saying NO to the possibility of being disciplined in submitting the proposal on time. If I say NO to going out, I say YES to Focus and Discipline.
  • When I say YES to having Social Apps like Facebook and Twitter on my phone, I say NO to focus, much as I may feel otherwise. On the other hand, if I say NO to having the Apps on my phone, I say YES to the possibility of focus and space for creativity.
  • When I say NO to working out, I am saying YES to the possibility of fitness issues in the future. In contrast, if I say YES to working out, I say NO to a life of sluggishness.

YES and NO are choices we make in our daily lives that will directly impact the outcomes we experience in our lives. Therefore we must be conscious about what we are saying YES to and what we are saying NO to. When our choices are aligned with the values we hold dear, the outcomes we experience will always be good.

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