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The Boundaries Are In Our Heads

Boundaries in our heads

Often when it comes to dealing with any opportunities or challenges, we create our own self limiting narratives. We say things like

  • This is not how things have been done before, or
  • My boss has not told me to do it, or
  • I am not sure it can be done, or
  • My boss may not like it, or
  • I don’t have the experience, or
  • What if I fail….

And so, just like that, we end up building boundaries in our heads and in the process we become prisoners of our own making. Instead of taking action and moving forward we get bogged down.

Breaking down the boundaries in our heads requires a lot emotional labour. And, if we manage to do that, we can experience freedom. The freedom to take risks, to influence, to improve and to explore our true potential.

Be aware of the boundaries in your head. They are entirely imaginary, and they are holding you back.

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