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Clarify First, Then Execute

clarify first

One of the common challenges I have observed with many people at different workplaces is that they take up critical tasks for execution without seeking clarity on the expected outcome. Therefore, when given a job, they jump straight away into execution mode without trying to figure out the full context. 

People who don’t make an effort to understand the context of any task end up being mere “task-executors” and add no value to the process. If anything, the execution will always be sub-optimal. 

Instead, a better way to execute is by asking the right questions before undertaking any task.

  • What is the exact expectation, and what is the end goal here?
  • Why is this task important, and what are we trying to achieve? 
  • What could be the potential challenges?
  • Has anyone done this earlier, and if so, are there any key learnings I can pick up?

By asking the right questions at the outset, you gain clarity about the purpose and objective of the activity. Understanding the purpose allows you to think through your actions rather than just executing them as assigned. Asking these questions to gain clarity makes all the difference when it comes to doing something right.

Therefore, when you take up any task, clarify first, then execute. Your output will always be of a higher standard.

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