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Ten Funny And Thought Provoking Quotes

Ten Quotes

Whenever I come across an interesting quote that catches my imagination, I note it in a journal of quotes. So here is a list of ten funny but thought-provoking quotes that I came across over the last couple of months. I am sure you will find them interesting.

  1. If you have always done it that way, its probably wrong.
  2. Running an organization is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.
  3. The trouble with the future is that it usually arrives before we are ready for it.
  4. A turn on the road is not the end of the road….unless you fail to make the turn.
  5. If you are constantly looking back, chances are pretty good you’ll fall into a hole ahead.
  6. Avoid shortcuts; they take too much time.
  7. Learn from the mistakes of others; you won’t live long enough to make them all yourself.
  8. If you are skating on thin ice, skate fast.
  9. Don’t confuse fame with success. Britney Spears is one, and Helen Keller is the other.
  10. Things will get better despite our efforts to improve them.

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