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The Beginner’s Advantage

Beginner's Advantage

I had a couple of new team members joining me this past month. As a part of their induction, I have had the opportunity to spend extended time with them to brief them about the business, the market, and the possibilities.

Something interesting struck me through the conversations. They kept asking me questions- Why are we doing something this way? Why can’t we do it another way? Why are we not exploring this opportunity, etc.? Moreover, despite being new, they were able to contribute some fresh ideas and perspectives, which was refreshing.

Much of their questioning stemmed from them being new to the role and organization. As beginners, they had the gift of fresh eyes, with which they could see things that people with experience took for granted.

The fact is sometimes, the longer you are in any field, the more set you become in your thinking. Your mind is naturally biased toward optimizing what you are already doing instead of being open to exploring fresh perspectives. Your experience becomes the baggage that holds you back.

We often think freshers and beginners lack experience, which is a disadvantage. While that may be true, they also come with a significant advantage-of a fresh perspective-The beginner’s advantage.

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