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Quality Of Life

quality of life

Interior designer Danielle Colding, in her book  In the Company of Women, has a very nice passage describing freedom and quality of life, which goes like this-

“Quality of life is having the freedom to make choices that are not fear-based. Whether it’s the ability to choose the kinds of projects I want to take on and can learn from, or the ability to take a month off to travel. Freedom to choose is the ultimate luxury.”

It is a powerful message. If we can find within us the power to make decisions and choices without the overhang of fear, we will find ourselves feeling liberated.

Can I choose the project I want to work on or the activity I wish to engage in without worrying about what my boss will think or how it will impact my career?

Can I spend the time as I wish without having to ask for someone’s permission?

The less fear governs your decisions and choices, the better your quality of life feels !!

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