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Go After Your Top Goal Everyday

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In most workplaces, there are always some fires burning. One of the most common challenges many people encounter daily in the workplace is that they seem to have infinite things to do, yet weeks go by, and they don’t feel they have accomplished much. 

A big reason for this is that they get bogged down with the small immediate things(the fires burning every day) and lose track of the important long-term ones.

In his phenomenal book on productivity titled Essentialism, the author Greg McKeown writes about a simple productivity tip: Schedule two hours each day to work on your Top Goal only. And do it every single day. That’s it.

The earlier in the day one schedules time to work on the top goal, the better- so that other issues (and people) do not compete for valuable focus and attention.

During this Top Goal time, the idea is to only work on the top priority without getting distracted by anything else- emails, texts, calls, and messages. Anyone who follows this pattern each workday will achieve amazing results.

I follow this model most days and I have experienced a significant jump in my productivity. 

Initially, when I started on this good habit, two hours a day was too steep an ask because I had never committed to this amount of dedicated time. So, I got into this habit by scheduling just 30 minutes early in the day to work on my Top Goal. Over time, I managed to grow the amount of dedicated time to about an hour.

Thirty minutes, one hour, or two hours- develop a ritual to work on your top goal early in the day, every day. You will experience a surge in your productivity !!

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