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Be Interested

Be Interested

Something most people strive to do through their work or in the way they engage with the people around them is to gain the attention of others. 

Many often make the mistake of thinking that the more they speak, the more attention they gain from others. 

Dale Carnegie talks about something paradoxical in his “must-read” book, How to Win Friends & Influence People .

“If you want to be interesting,” he suggests, “be interested.” 

Sage advice indeed. 

It is natural for us to talk about ourselves when conversing with others. We often instinctively redirect a conversation back to ourselves when someone starts talking about themselves.

The idea Carnegie conveys when he speaks of being “interested” is to listen attentively and generously instead of talking about oneself. Show curiosity about what the other person has to say, ask questions, and be interested in the other person. 

If you are an executive seeking to capture the attention of the senior managers, talk to them about their priorities, and ask questions.

If you are in sales, focus on getting to know the customer, and their business, instead of jumping into making the sales pitch straightaway.

If you want to be “Interesting”, “Be Interested”.

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