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Nobody Rises To Low Expectations

Low Expectations

There is a powerful quote by Calvin Lloyd: “Nobody rises to low expectations.”

As a parent, I have always pushed my children to be the best they can be. How do I do that? By demanding more from them. I know my kids have great potential, and when I set high expectations for my kids, in a positive way, they step up and respond, and in the process, they grow(though they might not acknowledge it :))

  • I love that you scored very good marks on the exam. Ask yourself now, how good is your understanding of the subject? Can you put your knowledge to good use? Can you help your friends who are struggling to get better?
  • I know you don’t feel like practicing music. But I want you to have the discipline to practice your music even if you don’t feel like it.

In a way, parents are leaders for their children. 

The same principle applies to workplace leadership. Like a good parent, a good leader is capable of raising the bar for the team. 

Usually, if a team isn’t performing well, it’s either because the team members are not competent or the leader has set very low expectations. In my view, poor performance often results from low expectations.

To set high expectations, a leader needs to understand the work people do. If the leader is disconnected from what people in the team are doing and does not understand the nitty-gritty of what is happening in the team, they cannot set high standards for them. 

No matter your level, If you are a leader, you must keep raising the bar and expect more from your team. Raise your expectations and you’ll be surprised at how people step up and respond !!

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