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Have Faith- All Will Be Well

Have faith

Many of us take life too seriously. Anxiety is often our first response when we encounter conflict, problems, and challenges. Paradoxically, we feel guilty if we don’t feel a sense of worry. Subconsciously we think: “If I really care, I’ll worry. After all, worrying is a way for me to tell myself that I care about the issue !!”

We fall into the illusion that worrying about something makes us focus on and resolve the issue. 

Fact is, anxiety empowers the problem, not the solution. A turbulent mind does not help. We can solve problems best only when we are at peace. When we are in a peaceful state, solutions come easily and naturally. 

We all have the option of choosing peace. We just need to have faith that no matter the chaos and unsolved problems and challenges, all will be well, and It will all work out in the end. When we approach life with the faith that all will be well, we naturally relax and let ourselves feel at peace.

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