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Weekend Story- Self Appraisal

self appraisal

In the United States, in Florida, an eight-year-old boy went to the neighborhood drug store to make a call. Unable to reach the payphone, the boy stood over a soda carton and proceeded to punch some numbers. 

The drugstore owner was fascinated. It was the first time he saw a young kid coming into the store unaccompanied to make a call. The receiver was exposed, and because of that, the shopkeeper could overhear the conversation.  

Boy: “Good morning, ma’am. I believe you are looking for someone to mow your lawn. Can you please give me the job?”

Woman on the other end of the phone line: “Oh my dear. Someone seems to have given you the wrong information. I already have someone else tending to my lawn.”

Boy: “Oh, Maam, please give me a chance. I will be happy to cut your lawn for half the price you are paying.”

Woman: ” I am so sorry to disappoint you. I’m very happy with the person taking care of my lawn right now.”

Boy(unwilling to give up, with more eagerness): “Maam, please give me a chance- I’ll mow your lawn every week and sweep your curb and sidewalk. Every weekend, I promise, you will have the best-maintained lawn in all of Palm beach, Florida.”

Woman: “Oh my, you are pushy, are you not? You don’t give up easily. But I am sorry. I am not interested in your offer because I have someone very good taking care of my lawn.”

The little boy reached up to replace the receiver with a smile on his face.

The store owner, listening to the exchange the boy had with the lady, walked over to the boy and said to him, “Son… I love your eagerness and your attitude. Please don’t be disappointed. I can give you some work if you want. You can help me clean my store every week.”

The boy responded, ” No. Thank you, sir. I don’t want to work at your store.”

The store owner was intrigued- ” Why do you not want to work with me? I just heard you pleading with that lady for work, and she refused.” 

Beaming, the boy responded- “No Sir, my father asked me to check on how well I am doing on my current job of taking care of the lawn. I am the one who is working for that lady, taking care of her lawn !!!”

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