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Avoid Lazy Opinions


Charlie Munger, the partner of Warren Buffet, is renowned for his biting wit and wisdom. One particular quote of his is very pertinent to our approach to dealing with issues.

 “I never allow myself to have an opinion on anything that I don’t know the other side’s argument better than they do.”

All of us have lazy opinions and strong opinions.

Lazy opinions are those where you form a view about something, some issue based on how you feel instead of being objective and factual.

  • Someone challenges your assumptions, and you believe the person has some mal-intent. 
  • You are in a meeting where someone asks your opinion about a project, and you wing it knowing there is no implication.
  • Can a detailed proposal be put together in the next 48 hours? You feel it is challenging, so you say it can’t be done. 

People with lazy opinions are not taken seriously.

Unlike weak opinions, strong opinions are formed after careful consideration of information, experience, and work done.

Others always perceive it as a strength when one has strong opinions about matters. Because strong opinions are a measure of someone’s conviction, and people tend to follow those with strong convictions.

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