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Half Glass Full

half glass full

If you focus on the half glass empty, you will see the empty portion of the glass.

Instead, if you focus on the half glass full, you will see water in the glass.

What is the dominant narrative going on in your head at any time?

  • Is it “My life is full of opportunities,” or is it “nothing is working for me”?
  • Is it “I am growing as a person,” or is it ” I am stagnating”?
  • Is it “people are always willing to help me” or is it “no one wants to help me”?
  • Is it ” I am valuable,” or is it ” I am not good enough”?
  • Is it ” I will achieve my goals however difficult it looks,” or is it ” I don’t think I can make it”?
  • Is it ” I can make it work,” or is it ” I don’t think I can fix this”?

What you focus on is what will manifest. Your perspective shapes your reality. So, be the half-glass full person !!!

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