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Embrace Being Uncomfortable

Being uncomfortable

In life and career, we all encounter situations where we have to make choices that feel exciting and uncomfortable simultaneously. Uncomfortable because we have to deal with short-term pain, inconvenience, or risk in making a choice.

Some typical examples that many of us would have come across would be like this.

  • Wanting to start a business but worried about giving up a secure paycheck.
  • Excited about starting a Youtube channel or a Podcast but unable to muster the discipline to get started.
  • Having the talent and the skills to excel in a role but being unwilling to project yourself because you feel uncomfortable.
  • Inspired to take a sabbatical and go back to college for an executive program but not comfortable taking a break in your career.
    -Desire to be a part of an exciting stretch project but struggling to commit discretionary effort.

Choosing the easy and comfortable path would never give you the upside that choosing the difficult, uncomfortable way would give you. As the saying goes- No pain, no gain.

The choice we all have is to either embrace being uncomfortable or embrace the regret of missing out on the upside the uncomfortable choices offer.

Old ways won’t open new doors- it’s that simple.

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