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Mark Manson, the celebrated author of the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k, says that- “Learning more” is the most seductive form of procrastination. “Planning more” is the second most.

We procrastinate because we want to avoid the unpleasant emotions that go with the task we have to complete. Taking time out to write your will, start the blog, ask for a raise, etc., all these tasks require emotional energy and that makes it uncomfortable. So, to avoid those uncomfortable emotions, we create a story in our heads that we are still learning or planning. This way, we can justify the reason for putting off doing something.

The more we get comfortable dealing with our unpleasant emotions, the easier we will find it to get out of the clutches of procrastination.  

We can all ask ourselves this: Is there something I have been avoiding through over-planning or telling myself that I am not ready yet? 

If the answer is yes, then you are just trying to avoid uncomfortable emotions. It has nothing to do with you being under-prepared or not ready. So just go ahead to do it !!

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