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Avoid Being A Task-Executor


One of the common issues I see many in workplaces struggling with is that they keep jumping into doing tasks right away without checking on why something needs to be done and to what end.

They end up being great “task-executors.” All they do is follow instructions and add no value to the process.

In low-value repetitive tasks, being a good task-executor is an advantage.

However, being a mere task-executor is a significant disadvantage in knowledge-oriented tasks, where the environment is dynamic and the emphasis is on applying knowledge and experience to solve problems and resolve issues creatively. Blindly following someone’s instructions without understanding the task’s purpose and objectives will inevitably result in incomplete or incorrect work, creating more work for the person who gave the work in the first place.

Asking the right questions at the onset gives one clarity on the purpose and objective of the activity.

What is the context? What is the issue? What needs to be done? And to what end? When you know the purpose, you start thinking it through and don’t blindly jump into action, executing what is assigned. It makes a hell of a difference when it comes to doing something right.

Putting it differently, the right questions lead to -> right understanding -> lead to right actions, and -> right results.

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