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One of my favorite books from my collection is titled Unposted Letter by Spiritual Master Mahatria Ra. In this book, 66 life lessons are offered as reflections on life that a teacher would impart to students looking for guidance on leading a fulfilling life full of abundance and balance.

I encourage everyone to read this book. It’s available both in Kindle and paperback formats.

In reading this book, I got introduced to some of the core teachings of Mahatria Ra, one of them being the idea he encapsulates in the acronym A-C-R. Accept the unchangeable, Change the changeable, and Remove yourself from the unacceptable.

Accept The Unchangeable.

Almost all our negative emotions stem from our unwillingness to accept something beyond our control, something we cannot change. Our past is unchangeable, how others behave with us is unchangeable, and what happens because of the actions of others is unchangeable. Unfortunately, we waste a lot of energy on these unchangeable factors when the best thing we can do is to accept the unchangeable and move on.

Change The Changeable

As opposed to things that are not controllable and therefore cannot be changed, we can influence and change many things that are within our control.

If you can help someone, help, if you can develop your skills, develop them, if you can inspire someone to change, inspire them. With gusto, strive to change and positively influence everything you can.

Remove Yourself From The Unacceptable.

If you find yourself in situations you cannot accept or change, remove yourself. It is pointless to endure what cannot be changed or accepted. Walk away whenever you find yourself in a situation you cannot accept or change, whether it’s a toxic workplace, a broken relationship, or something else.

In many ways, A-C-R is a powerful decision-making heuristic we can adopt to deal with challenges and issues we encounter every day.

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