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Effort And Results

effort and results

It is important to avoid getting confused between effort and results. Unfortunately, we often fall into this illusion that we have put in a lot of effort and, therefore, deserve to see the results. And, if results don’t happen, we feel let down-” I am puttin in so much hard work, yet results are not happening..”

The problem is that the relationship between effort and results is not straightforward. An effort is never uni-dimensional. To experience good results, we need to put effort into multiple dimensions. There will be other factors that need to be managed actively. 

  • If you want to lose weight, working out aggressively in the Gym is not enough. You will also need to keep a tight leash on the type of food you consume. Otherwise, all your effort at the Gym will come undone. So an effort needs to go into eating healthy too. 
  • Being a workaholic will not get you the future you desire if you ignore your relationships and fitness. So an effort needs to go in there too.
  • Making a brilliant sales pitch and aggressively hustling the client for the order will not succeed if very little effort has gone into understanding the domain and the customer situation. An effort needs to be put in there too. 

Much of the effort we put into anything gets undone before the results happen because we mistakenly think working hard in one dimension is enough to get us the results. Unfortunately, it is not enough!! 

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