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Be Memorable

Be memorable

“Tell me about the most memorable achievements in your career?”

I am certain the answers for most of us would hover around how we created or initiated something.

There is always special pride in reminiscing about how “I was the one who set up the regional office,” ” I created that brand,” ” I created a multi-million dollar business from scratch,” or “I built that incredible team.”

As humans, we all crave meaning in whatever we do in life. In many ways, we derive it from ‘creating,’ ‘building,’ or ‘improving’ and positively impacting the organizations or people we work with. We hold dear and cherish what we built or created in the course of our careers.

Now, the degree of our satisfaction and pride depends on the degree and scale of our contributions. To truly thrive, flourish and derive deep satisfaction from our work, we have to consciously think beyond “doing as directed” and open ourselves to possibilities.

Bottomline- To truly thrive and find deep satisfaction in our work, we should actively seek to create, build, develop, improve, and make a big difference. We should dare to be memorable.

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