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Three Questions To Ask Ourselves

Three Questions

Once upon a time a priest on a walking tour in pre-revolutionary Russia was confronted by a soldier as he entered the town. The soldier pointed his bayonet at the priest and called out,  Who are you? Where are you Read more…

The Curious Case Of Lisa Nowak

Lisa Nowak

Being an astronaut at NASA is perhaps one of the most elite and exclusive jobs in the world. Out of the thousands of applicants, NASA recruits only 6 of them every decade. The whole application process is rigorous and highly Read more…

Transform Your Internal Narrative


Many people I know struggle with having a very pessimistic outlook towards their future. They are stuck in their mind with a lot of limiting narratives like ” I don’t think I have anything special to share with others” or Read more…

Just Make A Start

Make A Start

Many of us suffer from this dilemma- we want to do something, but we struggle to take the first step. It could be starting a business, a blog, a youtube channel, learning a new skill, or even a hobby. We Read more…

Prioritize The Big Rocks

Big Rocks

I am sure many of you would have seen this video doing the rounds on WhatsApp about a professor coming to a class and doing an exercise of filling a container with rocks, pebbles, and sand. The video presents an Read more…

Coach Yourself

Coach yourself

We all make mistakes all the time, but somehow we struggle to forgive ourselves and move on. We struggle with a lot of negative chatter in our heads. “Shit, I was supposed to have completed that task. I could not.” Read more…

Consider the “Instead “s


Small choices make for a big change. Seth Godin calls these choices the “Instead “s that we all get to exercise. They are the alternatives to our default behavior. Instead of taking a nap, go for a walk. Instead of Read more…

Satisfaction Or Pleasure ?


There are two types of positive feelings. The pleasure of indulgence. The satisfaction of striving. The pleasure of the extra piece of pizza that I could have avoided but chose to indulge in. The pleasure of the extra hour of Read more…

A Small Story About A Funny Joke

Funny Joke

A funny but wise man went on to the stage and told a funny joke to the assembled crowd. Everyone in the audience roared in laughter. After the laughter had subsided, the funny man repeated the same joke with the Read more…

Grow Beyond The Image


When you are in a relationship with someone, you form an image of that person in your mind. For some time, the person’s actions and the image of the person you have in your head are in synch. Over time, Read more…