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Weekend Story- The Sound Of The Forest

sound of the forest

Many centuries back, a noble king sent his son, the Prince, to a Buddhist temple to study under a great Master. The Prince was to succeed the noble king eventually, and the king wanted the Prince to learn the basics Read more…

Do One

Do One

I came across this funky Portuguese proverb on one of my social feeds that offers a simple recipe for success: “Think of many things. Do one.” Simple and powerful.  At any point, our heads are crowded with lots of thoughts, ideas, and Read more…

Real Or Copied?

real or copied

Charlie Munger, the celebrated partner of Warren Buffet, says that there are two types of knowledge people come with- Real and Copied. Real knowledge is real. It can’t be bought or copied. It has to be earned by doing real Read more…

Persistence- A Powerful Attribute


I am in the business of selling cutting-edge and innovative technology solutions to banking and insurance enterprises—many who know how the Fintech industry works would attest that the line of business is highly target-oriented.  My team and I deal with Read more…

GIVE, For Your Own Satisfaction


Many of us have this notion that we will find happiness and fulfilment at the workplace or at home when we get something. While it is true getting something that we desire does indeed lead to happiness and satisfaction, it Read more…

Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias

Confirmation Bias- If people have the chance to gather information or feedback from the world around them, they are more likely to choose the information that confirms their pre-existing attitudes, beliefs, and actions.  Most of us pretend we want the truth Read more…

Guard Against Negative Self-Talk

Negative Self-Talk

There will be moments, and we will all experience them in our careers, relationships, and goal pursuits when we are not feeling good about who, what, and where we are. People around us will tell us that we are not Read more…

Weekend Story- Frog And The Scorpion

Frog And Scorpion

A scorpion looking to cross a brook in a forest notices a frog soaking up the sun on the side. The Scorpion goes to the Frog and requests it to carry him across a river on its back. The Frog Read more…

Focus On Your Breathing


I knew I was losing control. A voice in my head said you are not good enough to win this one. I could not get rid of the negative voice, and despite being a better player, I lost the game Read more…

Take Chances

Take chances

We usually don’t regret the things we do because, in the long run, we can overcome all our biggest mistakes. You are more likely to look back at them and think you learned something. What we eventually regret are the Read more…