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Instead Of Trying To Find Your Passion, Develop It


If one were to listen to a host of commencement speeches, most notably the one given by Steve Jobs about connecting the dots, the underlying message in almost all of them would be about following your passion. The template suggests Read more…

Diogenes’ Wisdom


In ancient Greece, a philosopher named Aristippus attained a favored position in the court of King Dionysus. He achieved this status through the constant flattery of the King. Aristippus constantly compared himself to Diogenes, a fellow philosopher. He once saw Read more…

Keep Quiet In These Eight Situations

Keep Quiet

Recently, I wrote about what makes a good listener. Good listeners know when to participate in a conversation and when to remain silent. Some people enjoy the sound of their own voices and like to talk a lot. I am Read more…

Don’t Take Disagreements Personally


A young mentee of mine recently confided in me about some work-related stress he was experiencing. In the course of work discussions and debates, he and his supervisor often got into arguments and disagreements. He was worried that would negatively Read more…

Man On The Horse

Man On The Horse

In a town, people on the sidewalk noticed a horse come galloping down the road. The man on the horse seemed to be in a hurry and had somewhere important to go. Recognizing the rider, an acquaintance on the sidewalk Read more…

Three Steps To Be A Good Listener

Good Listener

“Can you please stop looking at your phone and pay attention to what I am saying!!”. These were the exasperated words from my wife this morning as she tried to get me to listen to what she was saying. Her Read more…

Say What You Do And Do What You Say

Do What You Say

One day a parent came to Mahatma Gandhi with his 10-year-old son. He told Gandhi,” Bapu, my son has an addictive habit eating a lot of jaggery. I have been telling him to reduce eating jaggery, but he does not Read more…

Twelve Ideas On Productivity


Over the past few weeks, I have been reading up about the theme of productivity and have come across powerful messages. Here are twelve messages that will make you reflect on the idea of productivity. As to methods, there may Read more…

There Is Never Any Bad Weather

bad weather

A retired weatherman was asked by his friend,” You have trained to read the weather all your life. Can you tell me what kind of weather it is going to be tomorrow?” “Sure, I know. It will be the kind Read more…

Are You Feeling Guilty For Being Free?


Up until a few years ago, I used to be troubled by a problem. Whenever I found myself free, there was a noise in my mind reminding me that I was wasting time, that I could do something more productive. Read more…