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Take The Lead

take the lead

In relationships, we always want others to take the initiative. Let me illustrate this with a simple example. You see an old friend/colleague/acquaintance in the distance. You have clearly noticed the person, but you don’t know for sure if the Read more…

Dealing With A Relationship-A Mental Model.


We all have our share of stressed or damaged relationships. You start out being on good terms initially. But something changes over time, and the relationship starts breaking down. The same person with whom you were enjoying a decent relationship Read more…

The Secret To Having Great Relationships

Great Relationships

What is the secret to having positive and trusting relationships? Here is a mental model I always refer to whenever I feel a touch of stress coming into my active relationships. Go into any relationship looking at what you can Read more…

Take Responsibility For Your Relationships

It is a law of nature that there is friction when two or more things come into contact. It does not matter how smooth one object is. If the other object is rough, both the objects will experience the heat Read more…