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Don’t Wait For It To Feel Right

Life is not very good if we manage it through our feelings.

I feel like doing something. Therefore, I will do it. I don’t feel like doing something. Hence, I will not do it.

There is this misguided notion that we need to “feel” like taking action before we actually take any action.

The importance and benefit of doing something should determine whether we should do something or not.

Anything that makes you better or helps you get to your goals- do it even if you don’t “feel” like doing it.

Anything that weakens you or does not in any way takes you towards your goals- desist from doing it even if you “feel” like doing it.

So the next time you are feeling stuck- you want to skip completing the sales proposal because you feel lazy or you feel like snacking on food at 10.30 pm while watching a movie, ask yourself this simple question, does this benefit me? If the answer is Yes, it does not matter whether you “feel” like it or not. Just do it anyways. If the answer is No, even if you “feel” like it, hold yourself back.

I experience this some days when it comes to my early morning Walk+Workout. I don’t “feel” like going for the walk. I don’t feel like doing the workout. I know that this routine is good for me. So I put my shoes on and start walking. Once I take the first step ignoring my “feeling,” momentum kicks in, and within a matter of minutes, I actually feel energized doing the very thing I did not feel like doing just moments earlier. More importantly, every time I push through this “feeling” barrier, I am reinforcing in my subconscious mind a belief that I am not a slave to my feelings.

Taking action is the key to changing our mental state. When we do something, the “feeling” follows the action.

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