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Avoid Gossiping-Its A Bad Habit

Don’t Gossip

All of us are guilty of talking ill about others behind their back. We all do it- Gossiping, Dissing, Bitching. If you look back at why you spoke ill about someone, it is almost always because you see something in the other person that you don’t like to see in yourself.

“She thinks she knows all the answers.”

“He is behaving as if he is a master, and all of us are his slaves.”

“That person is always trying to position and make himself look good with the boss.”

“I don’t trust people who are always saying they are here to help. I feel like he is scheming something.”

“He is helping others and never helping me.”

Talking ill and wrong about others tends to make us feel better about ourselves in the moment. It is a bit like smoking a cigarette. People who smoke say it makes them feel powerful and strong. Speaking derisively about the other person makes you feel similarly.

But in the long term, it is bad. You have expended your good energy speaking negatively about someone else. When you put your energy into anything negative, it will only attract more of the negative. Also, talking behind someone else’s back in no way will change the person or your relationship with the person.

If you are keen to change the other person, or maybe mend your relationship with someone, make an effort to convey your feelings or thoughts directly to build a bridge of understanding. What matters is your intention. If you intend to build relationships, it will show up in the way you behave and communicate. You will refrain from talking behind the person.

Gossiping is a bad habit. Ask yourself if you are unconsciously building this habit. Become conscious of this tendency and save yourself some valuable energy. Spread positivity and see positivity coming back to you on the rebound.

Elanor Roosevelt said it best- Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Don’t make yourself small. Be a great mind.

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