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How Curious Are You?

How Curious Are You?

A few weeks back, I was addressing a group of banking interns, and one of the youngsters asked me for my view on that one personality trait that would be valuable in the present times. I replied without hesitation, “Curiosity”

Curiosity is that genuine interest in knowing the why, what, when, and how about anything. It is that vital trait to think in the form of questions.

  • Why is that person behaving the way he is? I wonder what is bothering him?
  • What is the problem here, and what can I do to solve the problem?
  • How are others dealing with this issue, and is there something I can learn from others?
  • What must I solve to ensure that I meet my goals? How can I do my work more productively?

Curiosity is also the source of other traits like Problem Solving, Creativity, Empathy, and Learning.

If you are a curious person, you would understand that asking questions is more important than finding answers. The answers you seek and search for will all emerge only when you are curious to ask the right questions.

Some said this famously ” Millions saw the apple fall. Only Newton asked, why”

The enemy of curiosity is your ego. Your ego will tell you to look at everything through the lens of your personal beliefs. But your curiosity will help you to look beyond your beliefs to question your assumptions and seek solutions.

When anyone asks me about building the curiosity mindset, my answer is “only if you are willing to look beyond your ego.”

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