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Happiness Is A Pre-Decision

Happiness is a pre-decision
Happiness Is A Pre-Decision

Why do we do things in our life hoping they will make us feel good and happy? Why can’t we start by feeling happy and pleasant, and we take all actions out of that feeling?

Happiness is a pre-decision. 

We don’t need to do things for the sake of happiness. We can instead do whatever we have to do out of a state of joy. 

If our life is like a train, we make the “doing” the engine and “feelings” the bogies. We think only when we “do” something, our “feeling” of happiness will move.

It’s the beginning of the new lunar year of the Ox. It’s a good time as ever to shift the paradigm. Don’t chase happiness. Make the feeling of happiness the engine that pulls the train of your life forward.

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy New Year Of The Golden Ox.

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