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It’s A Matter Of Time

matter of time
  • When I was fourteen, I yearned for a credit card because I saw my cousin flaunt a Mastercard, and I thought it was cool. Today, I possess more cards than necessary.
  • When starting my first job, I admired my boss, dreaming of assuming the same role one day. But, as it turned out, every subsequent position I’ve held has been that of a leader.
  • At thirty, the urge to travel and explore the world captivated me. I’ve since had the privilege of visiting over 30 countries.
  • By the time I reached thirty-five and started a family, I aimed to accumulate a certain amount of wealth. Surpassing my own expectations, I now possess more than what I envisioned when I was thirty-five.
  • When I turned forty, my aspiration shifted to becoming a business head, a goal I successfully achieved.
  • And at forty-five, my focus turned to find a profession that would bring me genuine joy and excitement, a pursuit I am today fortunate enough to experience each day.

Our life is an endless pursuit of desires and goals, and if we fail to materialize our desires, we experience a sense of disappointment and defeat. I’ve also encountered my fair share of disappointments along the way.

That said, I’ve discovered this valuable message from the Greek philosopher Epicurus that has helped me cultivate a balanced perspective on my desires.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.


This is so true. If I look back over the last three decades, I have achieved everything I hoped and aspired for at any point. If it’s true for me, I am certain it is true for everyone else (I am no different from anyone else).

If you are feeling a sense of lack right now, remember, you will likely get it sometime soon, like everything else you aspired for and achieved. It’s always a matter of time !! You just have to keep at it, working smart and developing yourself.

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