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Show Up

Show Up

Let’s say you are on a path to becoming fit. The hard part is not knowing what workouts to do. It is also not the pain or the agony that you experience when you work out. The hard part is in actually showing up for the workout.

Let’s say you want to work on a relationship that is not going too well. The hard part is not in knowing what needs to be done to repair the situation. The hard part is in you having the willingness and the commitment to work on the relationship and make it work.

Let’s say you are a student and you want to be successful. The hard part is not what textbook to pick up, what practice tests to do, or what online material to follow. The hard part is in showing up consistently and put in the effort.

Let’s say you are an executive who wants to excel at your job. The hard part is not in the planning and strategizing to deliver the best outcomes for your organization. The hard part is in showing up every day to work with the right attitude and desire to excel.

The difficulty is never in the HOW of what you want to do. The difficulty is in telling yourself to SHOW UP and do what is required.

Success will show up when you do !!

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