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Just Make A Start

Make A Start

Many of us suffer from this dilemma- we want to do something, but we struggle to take the first step. It could be starting a business, a blog, a youtube channel, learning a new skill, or even a hobby. We have a desire for years on end, but we don’t do anything about it. The desire just sits in our heads, gathering the weight of regret.

I know the reason why we get stuck.

Whenever you want to start anything new, you know that there are a hundred steps to get the idea going. But, unfortunately, your mind looks at all the hundred steps and hits a mind block. “This is so difficult. I don’t know the answers for how to navigate from step two to step 100,” you think. Therefore, you feel overwhelmed by the thought of not knowing the answers to the hundred steps, and you give up.

We all have this irrational belief that we need to figure out everything before we start anything. It is impossible. There is no way we will ever know all the answers before we start something. The process of creating something is always a step-by-step process. You take the first step. Once that is done, you focus on step two and so on.

I use the analogy of learning how to cycle. You can’t learn how to cycle without first learning how to balance. And you can’t learn how to balance without first getting onto the bicycle and pushing on the pedal to create some momentum. Balance comes only when the bicycle starts moving !!

So it is with starting anything new. You can have a fair idea of what you want to do and what the outcome entails, but you will not know all the answers up front. So you have to get onto the bicycle and start moving.

If you want to start a blog or a business or learn a skill- just act on the desire-start moving with the immediate first step.

Here is a simple mental model for starting anything new.

Go with I’ll start and learn on the way INSTEAD OF I’ll learn and then start.

If you have this burning desire to do something, just make a start now !!

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