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Paradox Of Confidence


Many people mistakenly think confidence is related with success. They think, ” he is so successful. He is so confident.”

While it may be true that confident people tend to be more successful, confidence is actually less about success and more about failure. 

Your confidence is all about how comfortable you are with the idea of failing. 

Being confident doesn’t mean you will win all the time or that everything will go the way you want it to. Instead, being confident means recognizing that you will not always be the best and be great at everything you do.

Be wary of anyone who tries to portray the appearance of great confidence. People who say how good they are at anything are often doing it out of anxiety and insecurity. 

Genuinely confident people don’t feel the need to project themselves because they are not afraid of failing or getting hurt, so they don’t care. 

Confident people don’t worry about failure, and those worried about failing are never genuinely confident. 

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