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Are You In Control?


Here is a small mental exercise.

Take a moment to reflect on all the changes in your life lately. It could be an initiative you have taken up, a career move, enrolling for a certificate program, moving somewhere, making a financial investment, etc. 

How many of those changes or actions were initiated by you proactively?

Were you the one who said, “I’m going to do that, and this is how I’ll get there”? Or was it someone else who brought it up, and you went along because you didn’t know what else to do?

To What Extent Are You In Control Of Your Life? 

Although you do not have control over external factors, you do have control over what you do and how you act. 

The decisions you make every day are like the reins that you have in your power to control how your life moves. When you don’t exercise the power of making choices, you release the reins on what happens next. Sooner or later, someone else will come along and start telling you what to do, making the decisions for you. 

And when that happens, you will not like it because you lose the autonomy to operate with freedom. Your actions are no longer born out of your choices. Instead, they are dictated by the choices of others. In the process, you end up running someone else’s race. 

Don’t let that happen. Be in control.

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