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Five Paradoxes Of Our Life

Five Paradoxes

What is a paradox? It’s a statement that seems contrary to common sense and yet is perhaps true in terms of the implication. 

  • I like routine but I also want change. 
  • I am very confident but I also doubt myself often. 
  • I like being alone but at the same time dislike the feeling of being lonely. 

Here are five well-known paradoxes which I am sure many can relate to in their day to day lives. 

Success Comes From Failing 

This is a lesson that doesn’t come easily to many. Because, many people often move ahead by succeeding at stuff. The more successful they are the more worried they are of failing. But, sooner or later, everyone will experience setbacks and frustration. Often the setbacks are inflexion points that lead to more meaningful success. 

The More Something Frightens you, The More You Should Face It 

Small, simple things can sometimes scare us. Like calling a friend you just had a huge fight with and apologising or standing up to make your point at a townhall. Although you don’t need to rush into things, standing on the sidelines won’t accomplish anything. It is sometimes necessary to face your fears in order to move forward.

The More You Don’t Trust Others, The More You Will Not Be Trusted. 

Consider this. If you have serious trust issues, this may be your cue to do some serious introspection. Generally, most of our frustrations with the outside world stem from the inside. Therefore, when you have trouble putting your faith in someone, it’s probably because you’re not always that honest yourself. 

The Only Certainty In Our Life Is That Nothing is Certain

As Forrest Gump famously said in that Iconic scene at the Bus Stand , “My moma always said Life is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get.” So, get comfortable with the ambiguity and be prepared. The more prepared you are to deal with uncertainty the better you will be in dealing with it. 

The More Easy Something Is To Achieve, The Less You’ll Desire It

Sometimes you want something so much that you lose interest when it’s in front of you. It’s like the saying “The chase is better than the catch”. If this situation occurs too often, it may be time to manage your own expectations and also the discipline of completing the task fully. 

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