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Be Aware Of The Law Of Conformity

Law of conformity

If you hang out with five drug users regularly, very likely you will end up being the sixth drug user very soon.

In contrast, if you spend time with five high achievers regularly, you will likely evolve into the sixth high achiever yourself.

This is the Law of Conformity playing out. Your environment and the people around you shape the person you become.

As humans, we are adaptation machines. Our bodies adapt to the environment we live in. We can’t choose how we adapt. We just adapt. But what we can choose is the environment we expose ourselves to.

Gym or Junk food? Clickbait news or inspiring podcast? Positive people or negative, toxic people? We will adapt to and mirror the environment we choose to operate in.

If you don’t consciously choose your environment, your environment will pick you by default. If you don’t start filming as the hero of the movie of your own life, you will very likely end up as an extra in someone else’s film.

Choose wisely your surroundings and the company you keep.

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