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Play Your Own Game

Play YOur own game

He has an admission into a better college.

That colleague has received a bigger pay-hike than I have.

Those friends have gone on a holiday while I am stuck here, working.

That friend has got a great break at this new-age technology company. Maybe I should also look to move.

Comparing and benchmarking with others is always a recipe for unhappiness. When you compare yourself to others, you are allowing others to drive your behavior. Sometimes this comparison can be a catalyst for some positive change, but most times, it is futile and destructive.

So, here is a simple operating principle for life.

If there is one thing you are better at than anyone else: It’s being you. And, it’s the only game you should play.

The world becomes a better place when you start with this mindset. You no longer focus on where you are relative to others. Instead, you focus on what you’re capable of and how you can improve.

Being the best version of yourself is what really matters in life. This means upgrading your operating system every day without getting distracted by what your colleagues or friends are doing.

When you stop comparing yourself with others and focus on yourself, you begin to get better at what really matters: being you. And when you approach life this way, you naturally become happier, free from the shackles of false comparisons.

Unfortunately, what I am saying seems simple, but it is not easy, particularly when your social networks are always buzzing with acquisitions, achievements, and accolades that someone or the other is getting every other day.

Things that matter most in life are always measured internally. It is always easy to play to someone else’s scorecard, which is why so many people do it. However, that won’t be very meaningful because there will always be someone with a better scorecard.

You have but one life. So why not play your own game.

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