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Develop An Investor Mindset

Investor Mindset

What image gets activated in your head when I say the word Investing?

Investing in Stocks or Mutual Funds, perhaps? Or Maybe investing in Real Estate, right? Investing invokes the idea of putting money into assets with the expectation of profit or capital gains.

But here’s an idea for us to consider. The concept of investing can apply to all facets of our lives beyond money matters. 

  • You can invest in your physical health by taking a gym membership or a personal trainer for a better and fitter future. 
  • You can invest in reading a book a week because the habit will expand the horizons of your thinking.
  • You can invest in a paid online course because it adds to your credentials and enhances your profile.
  • You can invest time with people who matter to you because of the contentment it gives you.
  • You can invest in discretionary effort on the job because it will power your growth aspirations.

When you develop an investor mindset, you pay close attention to how and where you invest your time and focus. Because you seek value. 

Working out, reading, taking classes, and spending time with people who matter to you- These are all forms of investing because they give you a beneficial return.

In contrast, when you come with a Investor mindset, you will also think carefully about committing your resources to things with little to no return- Mindless online browsing, binge-watching TV shows, online shopping, etc.

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