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Eight Practices Of An Effective Executive

Eight Practices

Peter Drucker’s The Effective Executive is like a business reference manual that I always refer to whenever I feel like I am getting into a rut doing things in a routinized manner. I revisited some of the chapters in the book last weekend and came across the eight practices of Effective Executives that make for good sharing.

Eight Practises Of Effective Executives/Leaders

  1. They ask, “What needs to be done?”
  2. They ask, “What is right for the enterprise?” 
  3. They develop action plans. 
  4. They take responsibility for the decisions they make.
  5. They take responsibility for communicating what they do with all their stakeholders.
  6. They focus on opportunities rather than problems.
  7. They run productive meetings.
  8. They think and say “we” rather than “I.”

The first two practices direct the executive to focus on what is essential to be done for the organization’s benefit. The following four practices help the effective executive convert his or her knowledge into effective action. The last two practices help the executive get the organization committed to rallying behind what he does.

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