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How Committed Are You?


I came across this lovely quote courtesy of a blog by Tanmay Vora Commitment finds a way

Those who aren’t committed find faults. Those who are committed find a way.

– Dan Rockwell.

Whenever we encounter challenges and difficult situations- in our personal or professional domains- our default reaction is to become defensive. Rather than acknowledge and accept the situation for what it is, we complain, find fault and look to assign blame to some external event or some other person.

This quote by Dan Rockwell is a simple life mantra all of us can operate with.

If we are truly committed to something we want to do or achieve, when we encounter challenges, our instinct would always be to figure out how to overcome the challenge by finding solutions. Because we care.

But, instead, if we find ourselves blaming some external factor or person, it means we are not truly committed. We are just pretending to be committed while we don’t really care.

So, the next time you face some difficulty, observe how you respond. If you genuinely care, you will find a way out of the problem. Your commitment will always find a way !!

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