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Six Things You Should Do To Have A Good Career

I was in a conversation with a young friend a few days back about what one should do to navigate a successful career. I shared with him six ideas that he could work on to manage a good career.

1. Always go that extra mile when doing any task. I have seen many people through the years focussing on the minimum expected. Only drifters focus on doing the minimum expected in any role. Doing more then what is expected is great way to differentiate yourself from your peers at the workplace.

2. Develop yourself in the domain of your work. Knowledge when applied creates value. If your knowledge is poor, the value you create is substandard. No matter what role you are in, your ability to deal with and resolve issues is proportional to your domain understanding.

3. Take Help. Many think taking help of others is a sign of incompetence or inefficiency. “My job is to solve this issue. What will my boss think if I ask him to help me solve the issue?” Is the thinking. This is an incorrect view. Taking help is a sign of strength and confidence, and people are always willing to help when asked the right way.

4. Avoid the “I know everything, have done it all” syndrome. Anyone operating with this mindset is doomed. There is no bigger blind spot than intellectual arrogance. Guard yourself against this pitfall particularly when you are successful.

5. Develop a network. There is a nice message that says your network is your net worth!! Build strong ,trusting bonds with people within your workplace. You do this by contributing and creating value for others.

6. Have a mentor. Attach yourself with someone more intelligent, more accomplished and more experienced than you to guide you when faced with challenges and/or making career choices. Mentors look out for your personal and professional wellbeing. A good mentor is a secret superpower for you career growth.

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