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Everyday Leadership

Everyday Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader, and what does it take to be a leader?

If you want to get a completely different perspective of what leadership means in our everyday life, take six minutes out to listen to this brilliant Ted Talk by Drew Dudley titled Everyday Leadership. It is one of the best Ted Talks I have seen in terms of its pithy but powerful message. It’s also different because it completely upends the very idea and definition of leadership that we are used to

In this witty six-minute Ted Talk, Drew Dudley shows us how each of us is a leader without being aware of it. Dudley challenges the conventional idea that a leader is someone who is doing something noteworthy and making a significant impact. He says leadership doesn’t have to be in the great deeds impacting many people. Instead, it can be in the smallest of gestures that may have a big impact on one single individual.  

Here is the link to the Ted Talk. I promise you- It will be worth more than the six minutes you spare.

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