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Weekend Story- The Frog, The Bird And The Well

The Frog And The Bird

There once was a frog that lived in a well. In the dank confines of the well, Insects were ever-abundant, so the frog never went hungry. Cool, clear water was always available, and therefore the frog also never went thirsty. The frog was leading a secluded life in the well, and it was happy. 

Then, one fateful day, a bird landed near the well and began telling the frog tales of what it had witnessed on its long flight. The bird narrated tales of snow-capped mountains so tall they tickled the clouds. It also told the frog stories of the ocean, the deep blue of her depths, and the salty roar of her waves.

The bird told the frog all this and more, but the frog refused to believe him. Having lived its entire life in a well, with nothing taller than grass and nothing deeper than the water in the well, the idea that mountains and oceans existed beyond its realm was utterly incomprehensible to the frog. So, it kept challenging the bird, unwilling to accept that there was a great world beyond the well. 

Eventually, the bird, exasperated with the frog’s denials, decided to scoop the amphibian from the well and show the world outside. The bird took the frog to see snowy mountains and the vast oceans, and the frog marveled with wide-eyed wonder. 

After a few hours, the bird deposited the frog back at its home. But, something had changed for the frog. The well suddenly appeared a whole lot smaller, and the world seemed a whole lot bigger.

The frog finally believed what the bird had to say because it had seen the world outside. 

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