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Weekend Story-The Gardener And The Weed


There was once a gardener who was devoted to his toil and his garden. He grew different plants, and his garden was always lush green and abundant, overflowing with flowers and fruits.

One day, as he was walking through his garden, he noticed a weed. Having worked all day, the gardener was very tired. “Pull out the weed,” said a voice in his head. But there was another voice – that of exhaustion that told him, “Relax. You have had a tiring day. You can come back tomorrow and pull the weed out.”

The voice of exhaustion won the argument, and the gardener decided to leave the weed and go home.

The same night, the gardener received a message. A relative was ill and needed his help. So, the following day, he left town early in the morning to visit his relative, hoping to return in a few days. Sadly, the relative was very sick, and he had to stay back for over two weeks to care for him.

When the gardener returned, he found his garden was overrun by weeds, and all his beloved plants were dead!

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