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Bill Marriott’s Leadership Advice


After more than 66 years of leadership, Bill Marriott, 89, announced his retirement as chairman of the Marriott Group and handed over the leadership role to his son David S. Marriott, 48.

On the eve of the transition, dad Bill Marriott sat down with his son David Marriott for a conversation about his career and shared the following leadership advice in a  heart-warming tête-à-tête.

  • Be Humble. Leave your ego at the door.
  • Don’t desire credit for yourself. Give credit to those who are working with you. This is how you build a team. 
  • Listen- Be sure you listen to what your team members say.
  • Be good at making decisions. Avoid paralysis through analysis. Get whatever inputs you need and then decide to decide. Move the ball down the field by making decisions and doing what you think is right. 

 Simple and sage advice indeed !!.

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