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Ignore The Wrong Criticism

Not all criticism is the same.

I think we should all develop the ability to ignore criticism that does not help us improve our work.

It should not bother you if someone does not like an article you wrote or a music video you produced, or a proposal you drafted. All they are saying is that the work you’ve produced does not resonate with them. We mustn’t assume that the person giving a bad rating is some erudite expert with a well-reasoned view of what you have done. Consider it similar to a teetotaler criticizing an alcoholic beverage or a vegetarian criticizing a non-vegetarian dish. None of it matters because it adds no value.

On the other hand, there is another type of criticism that is valuable. This is from those who have a vested interest in your growth and well-being. They see you missed something or did something incorrectly and point it out to you without sugar coating the feedback. Criticism and feedback like this are essential for learning and improving, and you should develop the resilience to take them in your stride.

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