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Don’t Suffer Buyer’s Remorse

buyer's remorse

“Did I make the right choice at the right price?”
“Did I get the right deal?”
“Is there something better out there?”

In psychology, there is a concept of “buyer’s remorse,” -a sense of regret one experiences after making a purchase. The challenge with buyer’s remorse is that it is completely imagined. Up until the point of making the purchase or the decision, you are comfortable, but once the decision is made, your mind plays tricks suggesting that the decision may not be the best.

The problem with buyer’s remorse is that you are caught in a no-win zone where you are unhappy with the rationally made decision because you feel there might be something better out there. You end up being worse off because you agonize over unchosen options and fail to make the most of the one you selected.

Yes. For every decision you make, there may always be a slightly better choice. But, there is no benefit in being distracted by the possibility of something better being there. Instead, the right thing to do is commit yourself to your choice and give it your best.

Could you have had a more successful career if you had taken the other job or moved? Perhaps. However, there is no doubt that your actual career will suffer if you don’t put 100% effort into the job or career you have chosen.

No doubt, the choices you make matter. But once the choice is made, what matters more is your commitment to it. Once you have made a decision, don’t suffer the buyer’s remorse. Stay with the decision you have made with total commitment.

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